Private Tuition


"I think you have worked wonders! When I first came to you I was very self conscious about my dancing and was not able to feel the beat to most music. I found our first session very helpful in making me understand what to listen for and feel the rythym. The way  you handled  it made it seem like you were a friend helping me out rather than it being a frightening teacher-student thing. I now feel that I have the confidence, and the ability, to get up and dance at any social function knowing that I can dance to the beat, maybe not like Justin Timberlake, but as good as most people I would hope. I am actually looking forward to the first event I go to that there is an oppurtunity to dance! Never thought I would say that. So many, many thanks for helping me out - its made a big difference in my life." K, Brighton

Want to learn to dance? Improve your confidence or work on your ability? We are here to help! We have taught people to feel comfortable dancing at social occasions, helped others gain confidence to attend classes as well as helping experienced dancers learn a new style.

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Prices include the hire of a teacher and a suitable venue where necessary.