DanceFit Kids – an exciting new after school club!

Combining dance with sporting activities to enhance strength, coordination, muscle memory and overall fitness ability, DanceFit offers a new and exciting approach to kids exercise.

What is DanceFit?

DanceFit was launched in 2011 by Hayley Blundy and Hayley Jones. The Hayleys, as they are known to most, are both experienced dance teachers who continuously share their knowledge, passion and creativity within dance to people of all ages and abilities. The aim of DanceFit is to provide fun, fitness classes for all ages and abilities, inspired by various styles of dance.

What can my child expect from a DanceFit Kids club?

During a one hour class, the children will warm up by working their way round a fun and well balanced fitness circuit before moving on to learn one or more energetic, fast paced yet easy to follow dance routines. The children will also be given a weekly choreography task that will allow them to explore their individual dance style whilst implementing their learning. Lastly, the class will end with the children being given the opportunity to share their creative ideas with the group.

How will my child benefit?

Taking part in DanceFit will enable your child to gain confidence and social skills whilst interacting with others in a safe and non competitive environment. They will also learn about rhythm, coordination, dance and fitness in a fun way.

When and Where?

Please send us a message to find out class information.